Construction Process


Foundation When we begin construction on your Artisan home, we first prepare setting for the form boards for the concrete foundation. As in any type of construction inclement weather will delay this process. During this time, we will need you to make some decisions on the roofing, brick, stone or stucco for your home. In the following weeks, we will schedule a meeting with our designer to pick colors, cabinets, tile, and flooring.

Framing and Rough Trades

Framing and Rough Trades The next step in the process is framing and window/door installation. Utility lines and access will also be installed at this point.


Exterior At this time we will begin the work on the exterior of your Artisan home. We will start by installing the stucco, brick, rock and siding. This process takes several weeks but you will see your home really start to take shape outside.

Insulation and Drywall

Insulation and Drywall After all the inspections are finished, we will have the insulation that you have chosen for your Artisan home installed. Sheetrock installation is next and we offer several different types of applications.

Wood Floors and Tile

Wood Floors and Tile Hardwood floors are one of the things most homeowners love the most about their new home. Tile is also done at this stage of the build process.

Trim Carpentry

Trim Carpentry With all your wood floor and tile installed, we begin the trim. Trim in an Artisan home is what defines our product. We take great care in the installation of all doors, cabinets, and trim. We install several different levels of trim in our homes.


Painting Next we begin the process of finishing all the cabinets, doors and trim that we installed earlier. At this point in the construction we will have all the granite installed.

After they have covered all the cabinets, and trim, we begin prepping the walls for paint. All of your color choices will begin to come together. You are only a few short weeks from moving in and enjoying your new home.

Final Exterior Work

Final Exterior Work This is when we will install the driveway and begin the final grade of the property. After the grade is complete we will install sprinklers and landscaping. If necessary we will then touch up the final grade for the install of the sod.

Final Interior Work

Final Interior Work Once all the painting is done, all the finishing touches must be completed. This includes installing all the lights, appliances, and hardware. Then we begin finishing the hardwood floors. Wood floors do take about a week to finish.


Occupancy In the last few days or weeks prior to closing on your new home, we install the carpet, mirrors and glass. After all the work is complete, we will walk through your new Artisan Home and make a list of all the things that need to be perfected. The day before we close we will do an orientation about the house to ensure you’re satisfied with all the touch ups.

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